Friday, May 07, 2004


After reviewing all the facts we can move to make some what of a plan to save the marine environment:
First to start solving a problem we need to know what it is, so education and awareness is the logical first, ecological education in schools has to start early, we need to show the younger generations that they can help the environment. In my opinion education is the strong pillar in developing a strong culture against the destruction of the marine life. As this is vital sign for our life, meaning with this part of our stability.
Second environmental law in Kuwait are some what leaking, imposing more law can help but enforcing them gets the job done. the government has to be more strict when I comes to fishing laws and oil carrier management even the little things like liter laws do make a difference.
Thirdly if the people don't act then all is lost, the government can only do half the work it’s the general public that can do the rest, if there are more people involved with this problem the better the chances for the environment to survive.
In conclusion this problem is similar to a war, so we need to follow the basic law of war L.R.I;
L. Learning about the enemy.
R. Responding to the enemy with a solution.
I. enforcing the solution until the danger has past.
So education makes the public learn about the problem and how to dial with it. Laws and conmen sense responds to the problem. Last but not lest enforcing the laws and keeping the marine environment clean is a job we are all responsible for not just for a year or two but for as long as there is a marine life environment there to save.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Marine life in Kuwait

In Kuwait we have a wonderful marine ecological system a water environment which sustains a large variety of fish and marine animals, But this magnificent gift that was built over thousands of years is being threatened. Kuwait's marine life is in danger of extinction because of elements that we can help to stop. As Kuwait moves into the future, raising to catch up to the developed countries, the environment is paying the price.
Over fishing, water pollution, untreated sewer water and plain trash are just some of the elements bushing the extinction of the marine life closer and closer. If left unchecked this gift that god has gave us will be lost in a few years time.

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